Please join our AIDS Walk team Rhodes!


Please join our AIDS Walk team Rhodes!

We need you to join Rhodes for AIDS Walk San Francisco and walk with us on Sunday, July 20, 2014!

Since 1987, AIDS Walk San Francisco has raised nearly $82 million for HIV/AIDS organizations in six San Francisco Bay Area counties. Your support will help these groups prevent new HIV infections and promote health among those living with HIV.

Register for our team today! Encourage your family members and friends to register online to walk with our team-the more the better!

ONLINE: Visit and click «Register to Walk» and «Join a Team,» then select our team name from the drop-down menu.

PHONE: Call the AIDS Walk office at (415) 615-WALK (9255). Be sure to provide our team name when registering.

Thank you for supporting AIDS Walk San Francisco and for helping us put an end to this epidemic.

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