City Spotlight: Las Vegas, NV

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Θέμα: City Spotlight: Las Vegas, NV

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CashBackBooking – City Spotlight Series
This week’s featured destination:
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi Emmanuel,

Welcome to the CashBackBooking City Spotlight feature, where we find GREAT deals happening in some of the most exotic locations in the world!
Today’s featured destination is Las Vegas , home of all kinds of great live acts, fun casinos, and most importantly for YOU as a CashBackBooking member … GREAT DEALS!
Let’s take a look at a few of our GREAT deals going on right now:
The Stratosphere: A Great Looking Remodel, Still Low Prices!
(Starting at $30.74 a night)

If you haven’t been to The Stratosphere in the last years, you’re missing out on something special! With a $20 Million Dollar renovation and upgraded rooms and services, one of Las Vegas’s icons is once again a great place to stay.
The one thing that HASN’T changed…? Their ridiculously LOW prices!
Right now, when you book your vacation through, you can stay here in their newly renovated rooms for as low as $30.74 a night – but don’t forget that when you book through us, you’ll be getting a check BACK in the mail that will lower your price EVEN FURTHER!
Monte Carlo: A 4-star value at 2-star pricing
(Starting at $56.00 a night)
The Monte Carlo remodeled their pool area just two years ago and have recently renovated some of their rooms as well – this hotel brings you the classy look and feel of Monte Carlo itself, and the beautiful main floor is finished with marble, chandeliers and more to bring elegance and beauty to your stay in Las Vegas .
The surprising part is that you can still stay at this incredible hotel for crazy-cheap when you book your stay thru CashBackBooking!
Using our Vacation Packages link, you’ll see nights at Monte Carlo starting at just $56.00 a night. What a great way to have fun in Vegas … and you’ll even be excited when you get home, since you’ll have a check waiting for you in the mail, from us!
To get started booking either of these hotels and many other incredible deals, simply click on your own booking link at and navigate to the “Vacation Packages” tab at the top. On the right hand side, you’ll see several cities that are featured there, simply choose Las Vegas and get started saving money and HAVING FUN!
Don’t forget to bring your friends to Vegas too – and DEFINITELY don’t forget to have them sign up with FIRST and get money back on THEIR booking. Remember, you’ll make money when they join with you too. It’s a win-win!
Your Personal Website is:

Congratulations on being a member of Cash Back Booking.

Don’t forget, when you refer your friends you can earn even MORE. In fact, some of our members are already earning hundreds of dollars a month just by telling a few friends. Don’t let your friends miss out. Share your website with them TODAY.

We’ll see you on your next trip,

-Your CashBackBooking Support Team

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