How to Change a Culture That Has Forgotten God

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From: «Greg Laurie» <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 03:59:00 -0700
Subject: How to Change a Culture That Has Forgotten God

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How to Change a Culture That Has Forgotten God
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How can we change a culture that has forgotten God? I believe the church needs a spiritual awakening and the secular culture needs to hear the gospel.

I am convinced that the only hope for America is spiritual. I believe that if the church would be what the church ought to be—if revival would start with us—it could bubble right to the top, reaching the highest corridors of power in our nation.

That’s why we are holding an event called Harvest America on August 26. It is one day, one church, one message. We are beaming the gospel message live from Angel Stadium across the nation. Your gift of $35, $45, or more today will go directly to share the gospel across America!

Request your copy of "Hope for America" by Greg Laurie
"Hope for America" by Greg Laurie
  I have written a new resource for all believers called Hope for America. It is a book that goes back to spiritual solutions, because the real hope for America lies in turning back to the true and living God.

You can receive a copy in appreciation for your gift to Harvest Ministries this month. Your support is critical this month as we continue to proclaim the gospel daily on the A New Beginning radio program while working to meet the challenges of Harvest America. The cost is great, but the message is priceless.

In Jesus,

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P.S. – There is only one place to put our ultimate hope and it is in God. In Hope for America, I present a roadmap from the pages of Scripture that gives hope for the future of our nation and hope for your personal future as well. So when you make your gift today, be sure to request your copy of Hope for America.

Click here if you would like to support Harvest Ministries.

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