Why Some Entrepreneurs Always Seem «Lucky»


It used to drive me nuts.

I’m talking about when I was just getting started in business and
I’d watch people with no particular brains or talent sail through
the business world quickly, easily and seemingly effortlessly.

Money just flowed to them like a magnet.

But I was ALWAYS struggling.

Even so, they didn’t have any more drive than me.

Didn’t have more street-smarts.

And, in many cases, had even LESS resources.

Yet success just seemed to come so easy to them while myself and
some other people (including people you’d think would breeze
through the business world) would struggle with debt, finances and
making any real income.

Then one day it hit me.

It’s not that they were «lucky», necessarily.

They were just ready.

In other words, they were ready for big breaks.

In life you cannot control when the opportunities come.

But you CAN position yourself to be prepared for when they do come. One person I know said it like this, «luck is when preparation
meets opportunity.»

And after I started applying that to my life, everything changed.

I’m not saying I never had challenges.

But success came MUCH faster.

I kept myself prepared and ready for big breaks.

And when they came, I was able to run with them and profit from
them before anyone else.

To the world, I seemed «lucky.»

But luck had nothing to do with it.

I just was ready for opportunity.

Yep, it really is THAT simple.

In fact, it’s so simple anyone can start applying it right away.

Bottom line?

There’s no need to struggle.

Especially when the «big secret» to success is so simple.

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Emmanuel Chrysis
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