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From: Energy innovation by Statoil Group Members <group-digests@linkedin.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2012 13:51:51 +0000 (UTC)
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Subject: [13] discussions and [10] comments on LinkedIn

Energy innovation by Statoil


July 3, 2012

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With as much detail/discretion as you can; share your 10 year vision for shifting the world’s carbon emissions from where they are today to zero, or better. Realism is encouraged but all ideas welcome

Started by Andrew Engelhart

How much does a 1MW MSR of yours cost William? I will be using coal if I cant find a cleaner source like yours for heat. By Andrew Engelhart

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Is Natural Gas as environmentally friendly as sold or is "fracking" (sp) as polluting as an oil spill?

Started by Tim Durbin

We can turn the shale rock into green E+, no fracking, no waste, No harmful emissions Hello, Our specialty is the RCBC Waste to Energy… more » By Bryan Ray

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Natural gas as well as oil are depleting resources and sooner or later will disappear. The maximum estimated time for hydrocarbon depletion is 100 yrs.

Started by Soliman Elkhouli

Fully agree with Mr.Jansons. The key issue of world problems not only energy but also security is the uncontroled increase in population… more » By Soliman Elkhouli

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New Discussions (13)

How to Encourage your Fleet Drivers to be more Fuel Efficient

Started by James Knight, The Fuelcard Company – Providing consultative advice on fuel management to UK businesses

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If you aren’t using Verizon services now, please give reasoning why! I guarantee you that Verizon offers more then our competitors.

Started by Justin Abraham, Sales Consultant at Verizon Wireless

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Started by Lelah Allen, Equal Opportunity Advisor at Gabriel Partners

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Now Hiring – Management Consultant Jobs $120K – $150K

Started by Richelle Stassi, Senior Marketing Analyst at Dear InsuranceSpA

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NRG…whats your thoughts

Started by Gene Arceneaux, On-Site Personnel Coordinator at EMS USA

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Natural Gas is the future. Look at the jobs that it creates. Natural Gas produced in America, by Americans, is the shot in the arm that this Country needs. No more foreign oil imports!!!!

Started by Cameron Ruppe, Safety Consultant/Owner CCR Services LLC. Safety Instructor at UBATC

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Shale Gas

Started by Edoardo Ruscio, Process Manager – Acquirente Unico spa

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Hello everyone, and thanks for the invitation to join thius group..

Started by German Willys Salazar, H2S Senior Supervisor at SABRE SAFETY LTD

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Michigan has ‘un-mined gold’ in abandoned oil wells, U.S. Department…

Started by Jennifer Christensen, Energy Policy Specialist, Great Plains Institute

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Thank you for inviting me!

Started by Clovis B. Conley, National Services Director at Guaranteed Watt Saver (GWS)

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Immediate Openings for Entry Level Renewable Energy Consultants

Started by Winnifred Whittman, Recruitment Specialist at Zelon Stan

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Is Corporate Venture Dead? Is Open Innovation the New Thing?

Started by Stefan Lindegaard, Author, speaker, strategic advisor on the topics of open innovation, social media and intrapreneurship.

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What is the best alternative energy?

Started by Dejan Gajic, IT consultant at Metalpromet

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