[CS Reference written: Deimantė Baz…] NEW reference

from COUCHSURFING SYSTEM   (Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica, Antarctica)
sent April 26th, 2012 – 0:42


[CS Reference written: Deimantė Baz…] NEW reference

Deimantė Bazytė has written the following reference about you on your

Emmanuel is really amazing person and we were very lucky to be hosted by
him. He was so helpful when we explored Rhodes, gave us good advices, was
patient, kind and generous. All my friends were really impressed how nice
he was 🙂
I believe if Emmanuel decides to travel around the world some day – he is
welcome everywhere !

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My PROFILE: http://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=49Q8DLA



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