Solid Tips Newsletter: Major update – Solid Converter PDF v7.2

From: Solid Documents <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 15:52:05 -0700
Subject: Solid Tips Newsletter: Major update – Solid Converter PDF v7.2

New Release of Solid Converter® PDF

We have released a major update to Solid Converter PDF (7.2). Now is the time to buy the best PDF converter available!

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Solid Converter PDF 7.2 changes include:

Microsoft Word Reconstruction

· Bullets and numeric lists detection

· Internal links conversion

· Bookmark links conversion

· Styles detection that covers headings and title styles detection as well as outline level. (PDF to DOCX support only at this time)

· Tables detection improvements

Microsoft PowerPoint Reconstruction

· Preserve document Metadata

· Tables export

· Text orientation export

· Export bullets and numeric lists

· Better PPTX export quality: improved paragraph detection based on PowerPoint line spacing  rules

HTML Reconstruction

· Bullets and numeric lists

· Styles – basic improvements

· Internal links

· Improved tables export

New Solid OCR: Optical Character Recognition
We have added Solid OCR which is our new OCR engine. Languages supported at this time include English, Spanish and German. If you have Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) installed you can choose which OCR option to use from the Tools | Options dialog. The default setting is Solid OCR with English.


How are we doing?  We’re always interested in your comments and feedback. Please send your suggestions to Thank you for using our products!




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