Organize all your contact data easier than ever

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From: « News» <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 12:50:12 +0100
Subject: Organize all your contact data easier than ever

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Brand new update version! Personal Addresses 4.00
Organize all your personal contact data easier than ever!

Dear User,

one of the first tasks for computers was how to organize contact data of friends, relatives, shops, companies, authorities or customers. Nowadays, addresses or telephone numbers can be saved to databases, to word processing files, to text files or can even be organized on your mobile phone or online.

While in our opinion the main focus of address data bases should still be the data itself, that it can be accessed very fast and that the way to it should not be overloaded with features that you never need, most possibilities to save your personal contact data unfortunately fail when you really check out these main questions.

Isn’t it annoying that most data base programs show you a splash screen for a few seconds before you can start to search just for a simple address? Doesn’t it bore you to be asked after each single change if you want to save the data or not? And don’t you get angry when you think about the high price you have to pay for a big office suite when you just want to find out the telephone number of a friend?

We understand you, because we think the same way. So we decided to develop and release Personal Addresses. Based on the famous SQLite structure this program organizes all your contact data. The program starts directly after you clicked the icon and anything you enter is saved automatically.

Buy Personal Addresses for only $9.99!

Download Free Trial Version

More Info Website
Buy Personal Addresses for only $9.99! Of course, even if we managed to develop a very easy to use program, it would be no product, if it would not have some fantastic features too. You can search for single entries using wild cards in each part of it. You get a result table with all entries matching your search. You can sort the whole list or the filtered data after each column. And you can decide by your own where the data base file is located and even network drives are possible so that Personal Addresses can be installed on another computer than the data is saved. Personal Addresses additionally lets you switch between different address data bases, protects your security by encrypting your address data with a personal password using the famous AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard), guides you to export addresses to *.txt, *.csv or *.sqlite, and prints all your addresses or only filtered data in the order you want.

The new version includes a fantastic *.sqlite import feature for improved data transfer with other data base tools, a full screen mode for better overview and options to save default sorting, filtering and screen settings.

Download your trial version that runs for 10 days without any restrictions of Personal Addresses now! Managing your contact data with Personal Addresses is so easy that it can even be fun!

And the best: If you like the program, you only have to pay US$ 9.99* instead of US$ 14.99 for the full version! (Currency can be switched on the shop page). Just click one of the following links.

Free Download   BUY (only $9.99!)   More Info

The Team wishes you a nice weekend!

*) Please note: Currency can be switched on the shop website. Our shop offers mutliple payment options (credit cards, PayPal, cheque, WTR, cash and others). This is the price for a full version key when you download a shareware version. If you want to purchase the product on CD additionally, you can check this option on the shop website for US$ 9.99 more.

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