By God Inspired Connecting, Empowering and Inspiring Believers Around the Globe

By God Inspired Connecting, Empowering and Inspiring Believers Around the Globe A message to all members of By God Inspired Parents, Youth and young adults.. take some time today to check out a station we have designed just for you. 
Strong Tower Radio is a 24 hour/ 7 day a week Christian Hip Hop Station that will show you it is COOL to follow Christ. We are in test mode this week and next week tweaking things, but we are streaming to let our BGI Family have a chance to be the first to listen in. Parents, we strongly believe and KNOW this is a spiritually HEALTHY alternative to what’s out there now that some are accustomed to listening to. Listen first parents… and then share with your children if the spirit leads you to do so. This station is a part of the network family and can be found at You can also listen to us on all smartphones by downloading the Live365 radio FREE app. Once downloaded to your smartphone… search for Strong Tower Radio and lock it in as a preset. You can also do the same for A Higher Calling Radio (Gospel Station) or Joshua Generation Radio (Adult Contemporary Christian Station). All three stations are a part of the By GOD Inspired family and the focus is ALL about praising GOD and inspiring believers around the globe. We also want to win souls for Christ. You can also get all of these stations on ROKU and TIVO. Simply look for LIVE365 Radio on those devices and then search for our stations. GOD BLESS YOU!

Visit By God Inspired at:
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