Urgent Death Panel Petition

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From: Truth In Action Ministries <letters@tiam.org>
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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 22:32:23 +0000
To: Emmanuel<e_chrisis@yahoo.com>
ReplyTo: Truth In Action Ministries <letters@tiam.org>
Subject: Urgent Death Panel Petition

Who Decide if You live or Die?

Dear Emmanuel,

The legislative clock is ticking.  If you and I don’t take action immediately, healthcare rationing could become a deadly reality in America.

Buried deep within the new health care law is provision for an “Independent Payment Advisory Board,” or IPAB — 15 politically appointed “experts.”

Not elected by the people.  Not accountable even to majorities in both houses of Congress.But to “save money” and “cut healthcare costs,” they will have authority to take away your healthcare options …

Cutting payments … making life-and-death decisions for you and your loved ones … leaving some to suffer…and some to die.
How can America survive if, rather than honoring our elders, we’re putting their lives at risk through something ironically termed “healthcare reform”?

WE MUST PUT A STOP TO IT — by petitioning Congress to repeal or de-fund IPAB. 
Please click here to join with Truth in Action Ministries right now in calling on Congress to STOP the IPAB.


Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy
Member of the Board of Directors

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Who Decides if you live or Die?

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